Feminine vs. Feminist


When I was a young girl, I found one of those personality tests that was entitled “Are you feminine or a feminist?” Back then I was just a child, probably about 12, I did not know what the word feminist actually meant. As I have always had a real thirst for knowledge I remember asking my mother about it, but I cannot remember what explanation she gave me. I really wish I did.

I might have taken the test and I probably turned out to be feminine, which is obviously very misleading as I did not know what feminism was and I was 12.

However, I am not ashamed to recognize I am feminine. I like being feminine and I enjoy my femininity. I even tend to believe that embracing my femininity makes me strong and confident, makes me survive all the misogynist crap that men like to throw at me sometimes. But being feminine does not make me less of a feminist. Having a Hello Kitty phone and reading Vogue does not drain the feminism out of me. Wearing make up and buying shoes or dresses does not make me dumb and destroys my principle (just my debit balance).

So, why do people think that if you wear pink you are also stupid? Is there some kind of scientific connection between pink, make-up and brain damage? No?! Well, I did not think so. Then, you should take your prejudices, throw them in the bin and start being open-minded.

P.S. I do not take any credit for the drawing. It was shared by Being Feminist on their facebook page.

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13 thoughts on “Feminine vs. Feminist

  1. Wow. The fact that that personality test exists makes me a little angry. There is so much false information going around about what a feminist is, and it’s just mind boggling to me.

    • It is highly infuriating, isn’t it? Obviously this test was around probably like 10 years ago, but I am not sure how much it has really changed as prejudices are all around us.

  2. I completely agree. On the other hand, people underrating you for your clothes/looks leaves you room to work and surprise them, come out as a something unexpected that clashes their own views.

    I once saw an evolution of the women from the early feminists to nowadays women as: feminine (the angel in the house), feminist (subversive, disrupting) and finally female (room to be whatever you want to be without resctrictions). I was taught this on my literature lessons and loved it. You can feminine if you want, or not, you can be what you want to be.

      • Sadly, some men AND some women too. I’ve learned to allow myself to be angry at them if I want, but, at the same time, to pity their narrow minds. It helps me a lot to be at ease and, at the same time, realize many people still need to be educated (or “educated” as I’ve found columnists who are allowed space on a serious newspaper to be like this).

  3. What a ridiculous notion, that one must either be feminine *or* feminist. The way I see it, being feminine means embracing your female identity, which fits perfectly with the idea of feminism, which asserts that women should be how they want to be and not limit themselves! Being feminist means not allowing society tell you how you, as a woman, should be; it means being the kind of women *you* want to be. And if you want to look pretty, and looking feminine makes you feel confident, power to you!

  4. Loved your thought! Worthy one to think!
    I think, it is high time that the world changed its ‘set’ and mental models….just because they are NOT true always :-)

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