When women are referred to as people who carry vaginas

It is in the middle of the night in the UK and I am struggling to write 2000 words worth of my dissertation on Lyotard’s concept of the sublime. It is quite difficult and seems to become more and more painful as I had more than a week to write it, but I obviously left until the last minute ( I should have it done by 8 o’clock this morning).

Anyway, while I am searching my mind to put the 2000 words together, this random story came to me trying to stop me from philosophy and sent me back to my blog. A few weeks ago I was in a bar with a few friends having some drinks. We were not drunk but we were just a bit tipsy when this guy who we did not really know came to our table and started a discussion. I was not paying much attention to what he was saying until I heard him coming up with the following phrase (and I mean it literary): Why should I give a shit about those people who carry vaginas? 

My mind felt blocked for a few minutes. I was not sure what to think or to say (I am still not very sure). People who carry vaginas… My confusion was repeatedly increasing. My friend, the one who was actually having the discussion, was trying to explain to him something about equality and the rights of other people different from us. I was the only person carrying out a vagina at that table so I was totally blanked. I was not even sure if I could be furious, as the way he expressed himself seemed highly absurd.

I am trying to think about it now, a few weeks later and the first thought I get in my mind is that this is probably the most sexist thing I have heard in my life (probably even more sexist than all the street harassment I seem to get quite often). You might wonder why. Maybe to some of you it does not seem very offensive at all, but all I can think about is that in this guy’s mind women do not have any other qualities except their vagina. It seems like a woman is defined just by her vagina, she does not have any other qualities except her vagina, and in the end she is really just a vagina. I am not sure if it is just me and I took this expression too hard, so I decided to share the story with the rest of the internet.

Do you think is in any way right to refer to women as “people who carry vaginas”? Or to put it differently, is it right to accuse this guy for referring to women in this way? I am really looking forward to what you think about this, but in the meantime I will carry my vagina back to my dissertation.

One thought on “When women are referred to as people who carry vaginas

  1. WHAT? Why is it that guys who come to your table to talk to you are always incredibly ignorant?

    I thought we were over the phase of definying women by their role in human reproduction, however, if they insist so much, men are to be assigned their role too, right?

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